How the owner of two massage businesses grew his client base by 140% in one year

"Bookwell is helping our business grow and has saved me time and money. It's a really simple, easy to use system."

— Naradon Pukason, owner of Buppha Thai Massage and Elwood Thai Massage


Imagine getting more help

We're more than just a convenient system for you and your clients. We're real people who can help with business strategy, communications and a lot more, too.


Saving time and money with online bookings


Making a marketing strategy to win clients


Finding an affordable, flexible solution


Creating a positive impression online

"For starting a new business, when you need to handle so many things at one time, Bookwell makes it a whole lot easier. They helped us with strategy, with marketing to clients and at a reasonable cost."

— Pongjit Saphakhun, owner of The Massage Studio


No set monthly fees, cancel anytime

Grow and expand your business freely. Add as many staff members and shop locations as you'd like — both are unlimited and free, forever. Our local, accessible support is also free to every business partner on phone, live chat, email and text.

We're here to support your business. Anything you budget for Bookwell is an investment, as any charges happen only when we're adding real value back to your bottom line.

Partner success story

How the owner of two massage businesses grew his client base by 140%

Over 200 clients have reviewed Buppha Thai Massage and Elwood Thai Massage as 4.9 stars on average on Bookwell. We're grateful to the owner, Naradon Pukason, for taking time to chat with us about how Bookwell has supported the success of his two businesses. Located in the suburbs of Melbourne, each business employs 3 to 4 staff. Here's some of the growth he and his team have achieved since partnering with us.


Growth in total clients


Growth in online bookings

2 hours

Time saved every week


Website conversion rate

Revenue growth from online bookings at Buppha Thai Massage

"There's no lock in contract, and I don't have to pay a monthly fee. It's easy to use and there aren't any dramas. One less thing to worry about."

— Naradon Pukason, owner of Buppha Thai Massage and Elwood Thai Massage


More time, fewer interruptions and better client records

No more missed phone calls or walk-ins crowding your reception. Capture 100% of clients trying to book in, not just some of them. Clients want to book massages at midday when you're open and at midnight when you're closed. 

Stay Covid-19 compliant and keep your community safe by collecting client details every time. It's as easy as having online bookings set up with Bookwell. Clients enter their details during checkout and book themselves into the gaps in your appointment book.

"Now I don't have to hire someone to take all the calls of customers booking online. People can make appointments after hours or while my staff are busy with another client. And customers can fill in their own information rather than us collecting it for them. It saves a lot of time. Time saving both ways."

— Naradon Pukason, owner of Buppha Thai Massage and Elwood Thai Massage


Marketing made easy with hands-on help

Most massage businesses aren't marketing to their clients, so it's a good opportunity to stand out. Imagine your clients getting personalised messages from you with rewards or thank you's. Our data shows they'll be more likely to book back in.

Use our easy marketing tools to promote to clients, ask for reviews or wish clients a happy birthday. All of this can happen automatically. Or target specific groups for one-time announcements.

Would you like a second pair of eyes to help craft your messages? We're always happy to help out. Just ask!

Elwood Thai Massage earned an ROI of 1700% with our automated marketing tools, converting hundreds of additional bookings in just one year.


See the day-to-day while you're away

Some days you may leave your business in the hands of your trusted team while you work hard at accomplishing even more — like the hero you are! While you're away, you can have clear visibility into what's happening at your business right from your phone.


Any device with Internet access has Bookwell. The day's staff roster, appointment details, client information and sales reports are all right there for you. So you can manage your business proactively without needing to interrupt your staff or hurry back to your shop.

“The Bookwell system is definitely helping with our business. It's easy to access from anywhere, so basically as long as you have Internet access you can use Bookwell, which makes it quite handy.”

— Naradon Pukason, owner of Buppha Thai Massage and Elwood Thai Massage


Thanks to Naradon and the talented massage therapy team

"It's a good, supportive team of people at Bookwell. You can call them or always expect to hear from them if anything goes wrong."

— Naradon Pukason, owner of Buppha Thai Massage and Elwood Thai Massage

Moving toward success 

We're curious about what's next for you. What do you need for your business to prosper? If you could use a helping hand or a friendly chat, let us know. Moving forward together might just be magic.

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