How KIS Hair doubled their bookings in one year, and you can too

"To be honest, it's a win-win situation. I chose Bookwell because it's kind of everything. I don't have to manage it all by myself. It's helped us a lot."

— Kevin Su, owner of KIS Hair


Finding where you want to be

Once you’ve got Bookwell, running a hair salon or barbershop gets easier. You’ll receive a powerful, simple system and hands-on support — all for a fair, subscription-free price. Cancel anytime.


Enjoying more time with clients and staff


Maximising your business revenue


Saving on overheads and on headaches


Mastering the art of online presence

"Bookwell has made one big section of my business a lot easier. That's what business owners want we don't want a headache. Bookwell reduces the headache. It's a Melbourne-based team, and there’s a direct line you can access with an Aussie mobile number."

— Jaymie Fakhry, owner of Barbers and Blowaves


No lock in contract, no subscription fees

No two weeks are the same for a hair salon or barbershop. So we don't think your running costs should be the same set amount every week, either. Your business is changing and growing. We're here to grow with you.

Add free, unlimited staff and locations. Enjoy access to all the features and support you need. And you're free to leave without any hidden fees.

Partner success story

How KIS Hair doubled bookings in one year

KIS Hair is located in Melbourne's CBD, employs 11 stylists and has a 4.7-star rating on Bookwell. We've been lucky to partner with the owner, Kevin Su, by providing KIS Hair with a free website plus the full Bookwell system  including online bookings, cloud-based appointment book, and marketing.


Back in February 2019, KIS Hair fully integrated with Bookwell. Here's their growth just one year later in February 2020. 


Total bookings


Client retention rate


New clients


Website conversion rate

Revenue growth from online bookings at KIS Hair

"There's no set monthly fee with Bookwell. It's more fair. If you're starting a new salon and you don't have much revenue, then you can grow your business slowly with Bookwell without having to pay a high subscription fee every month."

— Kevin Su, owner of KIS Hair


Fantastic client records and beautiful reports you can access anywhere

We've designed our system to be convenient and easy. Using Bookwell to keep track of everything is as simple as having Internet access.


Lead the way with confidence. Our performance reports and target-setting tools are all designed to help you make smart decisions for your bottom line and for your team. 

"Bookwell helped us get organised. Before we weren’t collecting customer details - their names or mobile numbers. And we were just tracking rough sales figures. Now the clients save us time by booking online. They enter all of their details themselves, and Bookwell keeps track of everything."

— Kevin Su, owner of KIS Hair


Generate the power of nearly 1,000 five-star reviews

Bookwell partners can generate heaps of positive reviews quickly by turning on automated texts for reviews. Clients leaving your salon receive a text from you automatically and simply rate their experience with a text reply. It's actually as easy as typing the number 5!

Impress clients by how smoothly your business is operating. Then boost your client retention, too. Our other automated messages  such as rebooking reminders, follow-up-care instructions or birthday specials — can convert more clients and increase products sales.

Growth in client bookings online at KIS Hair

Total client bookings

Return client bookings

New client bookings

"I love the automated texts asking for feedback. We’ve got almost 1,000 5-star reviews. Customers see our reviews on Bookwell and just book in straight away."

— Kevin Su, owner of KIS Hair


A free, gorgeous website that's always up-to-date

We love free stuff. So we're excited to be able to offer free, polished and totally custom websites to our business partners. Just tell us what look you're going for, and you'll get a first draft back within a few business days. Once it's live, we'll help keep it updated and maintained for free too.

If you don't need a new website, but your existing website could use a refresh, we can help with that. Also for free. Just ask!


Thanks to Kevin and the KIS Hair team

"Once we started working with Bookwell, I found it's very easy to solve problems for my business. Any time you have questions you can use live chat or just call someone there. We can always find someone when we need someone."

— Kevin Su, owner of KIS Hair


Fill your calendar with clients, not gaps or no-shows

Gain more control over your calendar. Firstly, use deposits! You can say goodbye to no-shows by requiring custom deposits be paid at checkout. Simply choose your service, the dollar amount and whether the deposit applies for all clients or just new ones. 

Secondly, you can accept new bookings during development time. The wash, cut or blow dry service can be add automatically to the end, depending on what works best for you.

"Bookwell is very easy to use. One of my staff was so resistant to change and didn’t use Bookwell for her clients for 3 months. After 3 months, she got sick of answering the phone and finally tried it. Now she doesn't have problems with double bookings, and she's completely booked out every day."

— Kevin Su, owner of KIS Hair

Going for growing

We're curious, is your goal business growth like KIS Hair's? Or are you facing a different challenge? Tell us what you hope to see next for your business, and maybe we can help you get there.

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